Florian Maximilian Lauck-Wunderlich
Florian Maximilian Lauck-Wunderlich

Florian Lauck-Wunderlich works at the interface between Business and IT for over 12 years and manages efficient and customer-centric processes and user-friendly software.

As a leading product manager and marketer with his team he designs, develops, runs and marekts business models, products and services.

During his 20 years of professional life he obtained vast experience in  digitalization-, change and outsourcing programs and projects to leverage customer- centricity of products/  services and in requirements-/innovation, application management-, development- and marketing processes.

He is particularly interested in data-driven products and services, software-platforms, robotic process automation as well as methods of data science, machine learning and artificial  intelligence.

In 2005 he completed a diploma in business administration with a major in business informatics and in 2010 received an Executive MBA degree from Henley Business School.

He holds various software/IT-certifiactions e.g in Design Thinking, Scrum, usability/user experience, Prince2, BPMN and ITIL.